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  • Setting Intentions & Vision Boards

    Setting Intentions & Vision Boards

    Yay, Jeanne’s Gems is back! I'm excited to be back with you! August ended up being a month chock full of goodness which meant I didn’t have time to share some gems with you. And August was chock full because I was focused. Focused on developing new pieces for my Fall collection and creating new content to share with you. It’s so easy to...
  • The Power of Affirmations

    The Power of Affirmations

    You may have noticed from this website, social media, and even more so, my jewelry (!) that I love affirmations! I put them everywhere—on my car dashboard, on my windows (not the windshield--don't worry!!!)—I use them as a reminder to always live in the highest vision I have for myself. As we all do, I struggle with negative thoughts, so I find that these...
  • Jump Start Your Day for Success

    Jump Start Your Day for Success

      OMG, there are just some mornings where you don’t want to get out of bed, much less face a whole day, am I right? But having some morning rituals in place not only get you up and moving but will set up your day for success. I’ll admit it; I don’t do these every day, but when I do (and I do most...
  • How to Live in Abundance

    How to Live in Abundance

    An abundant life! What does that mean?  We think “abundance”, and we see dollar signs. I think that’s our habit here in the U.S. But abundance can mean something really different. It doesn’t mean you have to have millions of dollars. I think abundance is having enough, plus some for somebody else. And if you have enough, and you have extra, then you live in abundance....
  • How to Create Life Balance

    How to Create Life Balance

    You open your phone and you’re instantly bombarded by notifications. There’s a new voicemail, missed calls, comments on your Facebook, activity on your Instagram, texts from friends asking you to go out, and at least a dozen unread emails. And that’s just what’s happening on your phone. It seems there will never be enough time in the day to keep up with your hectic lifestyle....
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