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Repair Policy

We will repair all of our products for free within 90 days of purchase if sent back to us providing that you did not drop or pull on the piece to make it break. Reporting how the piece broke is on the honor system.

  • Customer is to provide ALL pieces to the necklace or bracelet when sending in for repair (or as complete as possible)
  • We will do our best to replace any missing pieces given that they are common pieces or parts that are in our current inventory.
  • Any repairs after the 90 days will cost $45.00 for malas and $20 for bracelets and that includes the additional parts for the repair and shipping.
  • When the repair is completed, in approximately in 7 to 14 working days, it will be shipped back to sender.

Please email us at to discuss your repair needs. 

Caring For Your Jewelry

Some helpful tips to care for your Mala and ensure the longevity of your jewelry piece.

Because the stones I use are natural stones, the stones may vary slightly in shape, shade, cuts and size. However, the slight variance in color or pattern will in no way compromise the intention of your piece. Gemstones are precious stones and are very fragile. They can be broken if dropped or exposed to extreme pressures.

  • When you are not wearing your jewelry, keep in a safe place. Do not stuff in your pants pocket or a tight confined space as it may break.
  • Do not wear your beads while exercising or partaking in rough/fast activity. This can breakdown the materials that make up the jewelry or break a jump-ring or clasp. It may also get caught on something and break.
  • Keep your mala out of water as it will break down and shorten the lifespan and beauty of the beads.I recommend taking off your jewelry when showering and swimming.
  • If you need to clean your mala use a lightly damped cloth with water and carefully wipe over the beads (do not allow them to stay wet)
  • To freshen up the tassel, dampen  it and gently comb the strands straight while slightly damp. You can also trim away any strays from the end of the tassel when it is still damp. Allow it to dry fully overnight before wearing it.

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