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The Power of Affirmations

You may have noticed from this website, social media, and even more so, my jewelry (!) that I love affirmations! I put them everywhere—on my car dashboard, on my windows (not the windshield--don't worry!!!)—I use them as a reminder to always live in the highest vision I have for myself. As we all do, I struggle with negative thoughts, so I find that these affirmations allow me to help quell the negative self-talk and live my fullest life.

As a free gift, I've created an affirmation deck for you, including five affirmations below in addition to five others. Remind yourself how awesome you are by printing out your free affirmation deck and start to live each day with a reminder that YOU ARE AMAZING! Read one first thing in the morning to set a positive intention for the day. Place them around your home, car, at work...everywhere you want to be inspired. Simply print out, cut them to size and start to spread your inspiration.

Download your free Affirmation Deck here.

Your thoughts are not who you are, but pay attention to the negative thoughts that pop up and then write 4 to 5 affirmations that can counteract those negative thoughts. I write the affirmations on pieces of paper (get nice pens or Sharpie onto smooth rocks) and put them all around my house. Read them out loud to yourself so those affirmations sink in. 

I want to share with you five of my favorite affirmations. 

1. I awaken in the morning feeling happy and enthusiastic about my life.
Life is good!

2. I feel joy and contentment in this moment right now.
I use this when I feel anxiety or feel nervous about something. Life takes place right now.

3. I communicate my desires and needs clearly and confidently.

4. I feel successful with my life right now even as I work toward future successes.
This has helped ground me in setting goals for future growth.

5. I am energetic and enthusiastic. Confidence is my second nature.
This just gives me pure joy.

What can you use every day to counteract the negative thoughts and stories that run in your head?

The Power of Affirmations


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