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Our Mission

Jeanne Verger Jewelry is here to share empowerment and positive vibes through the sacred alchemy of crystal jewelry and affirmations. By infusing your personal affirmations into your jewelry, your voice codes activate the crystals to amplify your highest visions and intentions. And by wearing the jewelry, you’re harnessing powerful energy to assist you in fulfilling your dreams. Jeanne Verger Jewelry is a small business with a big intention for healing and empowerment! Together let's raise our vibration, and spread love and good vibes everywhere!

Personalize Your Jewelry & Crystals

Infusing your jewelry or crystals with a daily affirmation is a great way to create an empowerment tool to remind yourself of a quality that you would like to embody. We recommend this simple practice: Hold your jewelry or crystal in your hand, close your eyes, create an affirmation, and repeat it three times out loud. So each time you look at or touch your jewelry or crystal, it'll inspire you and sweetly pull you to live into your wonderful visions. Feel the lightness! Feel the joy! Now...go shine!

Every Goal starts with an intention

Voicing intentions will take your mind off of your perceived problems and limitations. Instead, it will place your focus on something that will have a positive impact on your life. Clearly stating how you intend to feel instead of wishing that you felt better puts the power of change in your own hands. For example: “I intend to live in gratitude for all that I have and all that I am...allowing joy and love to fill my heart, and positive energy to fill my body.” Now you’re training your eyes, heart, and brain to see new opportunities and possibilities. What an exciting way to start each day!
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