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Personalizing your jewelry is a great way to create an inspirational tool for you to remind yourself of a quality or way of thinking that you would like to embody more in everyday life. I love to do this with my jewelry as it then serves two purposes. First, the beauty and design of the jewelry piece adds that perfect accent to my outfit making me feel beautiful and radiant. Second, by infusing my jewelry piece with a powerful affirmation, it keeps me feeling connected to my highest-self and purpose in life. Below is a quick way for you to infuse your own jewelry and empower yourself to live a life you love. 


Find a quiet spot in your home or out in nature where you can sit comfortably. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, calming your mind and connecting with your higher self. Now, with your quality in mind and your jewelry piece in hand, ask yourself: What does it feel like to embody _____ (speak your quality- examples: Love, Abundance, Creativity, Well-Being).

Breathe into the quality, embodying it and infusing your jewelry piece with the feeling of your quality. From this place, create your affirmation or mantra. Example: I AM gracefully embodying Courage as I show up for myself each day with confidence, empowerment and self-love. Allow yourself the opportunity to feel into your quality and affirmation/mantra repeating it out loud or internally over and over until you can feel it in your heart.  When you are done, write your affirmation down and keep it in a place where you can see it every day and repeat it out loud a few times each day. 

You are now ready to wear your beautiful and powerful jewelry piece. Know that this piece is a constant reminder of the quality you now embody. When faced with challenges or decisions, hold or touch your jewelry piece and feel into the affirmation invoking the quality within. By doing this, you are actively working to cultivate that quality in your life each day and feeling it as you wear your elegant and empowering jewelry.



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