Our Loyal Customers

 "Something really interesting happens with your jewelry. I imagine its a combination of the power of the crystals and the clearly tremendous love and intent put into them. After I received my bracelet, I simply couldn't take it off, It became a staple on my hand. I'm a highly sensitive person and something about the way I feel when wearing it makes my body say "don't stop wearing it!!" I've always been a lover of jewelry and own many different pieces of all kinds and I've never had an experience like this. Thank you for your beautiful service that goes beyond adornment and fun."

- Shirly Weiss, Miami FL

"Jeanne Verger Jewelry represents all I wish to embody...creativity, beauty, sensuality. Wearing them feels like a true statement as a woman. I know of the sacred intent Jeanne puts into each and every beads, so I consider it an honor to have a Jeanne Verger original adorn my body!"

- Gaile Lynn, Hawaii

"If I don't say so myself, ahem - I have great taste in jewelry and a bountiful collection, yet somehow I keep finding myself returning to my *Victory* necklace which I absolutely love. Every morning when I put it on, it re-affirms my intention to stand strong and clear in my heart and on my joy path. Then, every night, I light some sage, clear it from the day, and place it on my altar before meditating. It has sweetly become a grounding element in my daily spiritual practice and a beautiful empowerment piece that also brings me endless compliments. I love seeing the joy in people's eyes when they see the elegant crystal. Thank you for creating beauty and empowering my heart's victory in such a natural way!"

- Veronica Krestow, Los Angeles, CA

"I have several pieces by Jeanne Verger and every time I wear my necklace, I am flooded with compliments on the stones as well as the vibration that the piece carries.  This is one of my sacred pieces that I wear to not only accent my look but also when I am seeking a groundedness. My necklace embodies such an energy that I feel it as soon as I put it on. It reminds me of the qualities in me the stones bring out. Jeanne,  thank you for channeling your art in this form!"

- Astrid Hoffman, Nicasio, CA

"I am wearing a piece of mother earth around my neck. I really feel the love and unique power in the gemstones. As I put them around my neck, it was like a waterfall of love and energy flowed through my body. Magical! So much gratitude! They are just perfect, each one in their own way."

- Nicole Kubli, Zurich, Switzerland

"I have been enjoying the beautiful agate, amber and citrine necklace as well as my jasper bracelet. Your pieces are so heavenly and as soon as I put them on, I can feel their power!"

Maureen Manning

"Jeanne's jewelry is simply divine! I LOVE wearing her gorgeous gem pieces. They have renewed my spiritual connection to gems and their energetic healing. You can just feel the positive intent in the stones!"

- Becky Loucks, Toronto, Ontario