• ShirJoy's Prescription for WILD LIVING
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ShirJoy's Prescription for WILD LIVING

My best friend for over 20 years, Shirly Joy Weiss, wrote a super powerful message on living a WILD LIFE, but a conscious & healthy WILD LIFE. I just had to share this with you all. ENJOY!


ShirJoy's Prescription for WILD LIVING

November 20, 2013 at 2:07pm

Does being wild mean drinking up a storm and dancing wildly on top of a loud, smoky bar? Maybe at another point in my life it did.  

Does being wild mean driving recklessly at night to see just how fast I can go and how many people I can cut off?  Well, maybe to some but not to me.

None of these things are truly wild and in fact, the very consciousness that labeled these as wild is the very CAGED-IN CONSCIOUSNESS that has suppressed our wildness and created a ton of dissatisfaction, frustration, monotony and disease in our own lives and world.  Being wild is about being our true selves and about being free... and the more we allow our wildness to come out, the more joy and liberation we'll experience.  What's more is, from here life is a truly delicious adventure of the heart, with a beautiful new deeply enriching and joyful surprise waiting at every corner.

So what does being wild mean to me? 

...Being wild means living faithfully by my inner instinct, rather than living by dictates of my mind, society and norms.  Being wild means living by the powerful, calm voice inside of me always leading me to greater good and joy.

...Being wild means living from a place of total freedom and knowing that the deepest, most true form of freedom comes from my freedom to think and feel however I choose to think and feel about anything.  I can choose to think of something in an empowering light, seeing everyone and everything as a blessing and as a miracle, or I can be CAGED IN by my thoughts if I view life and people as negative, hard, vindictive, etc.  

...Being wild means being a visionary even at the risk of looking foolish and going after my heart's desires and dreams with steadfast faith. My wildness becomes my biggest support structure exactly in the moment when others, society or simply my head tell me "that's ridiculous, impossible, not real..." helping me gently shove them aside with a loving "Thanks but NO THANKS!", continue to relish in my beautiful vision and charge ahead!

...Being wild means getting back up, even after I have seemingly failed and continuing on my journey to experience just how awesome, capable, loved/loving, creative, abundant and joyful I truly Am!!

...Being wild means forgiving and being loving to those that seemingly hurt me or my world, even when the world thinks I'm nuts for doing so.  Being wild also means I won't be a doormat and enabler and while I'm lovingly forgiving, I will also take a stand for myself and my planet and will do what's necessary to eliminate that disrespect from my experience.... (Most of all, being wild is knowing this journey begins within me by forgiving and clearing whatever I held in my own consciousness that may have created this in the first place!  This is radically wild as it is so easy for us to think we had nothing to do with that person who did that cruel thing to me or my beloveds or that we had nothing to do with that oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico). 

...Being wild means getting out of my head (out of the past, out of the future) and back into my senses, here and now.  Being wild means feeling my way through life, relishing in the deliciousness of every moment, now, and being led only from here.  Being wild means letting go of any preconceptions based in the past on how things, people and situations are/should be and just allowing the Great Mystery to unfold as it knows better to, being present enough in my body to feel where the wave is moving and faithfully flowing from here.

...Being wild means feeling my connection to my planet and cosmos deeply and keeping my connection alive consistently.  I constantly step on the grass barefoot and get out in nature, from which I came from and I Am part of, from which I obtain the most crucial Life giving forces, and thus receive, get grounded and remember who I Am!  I look up at the sky and starts consistently and feel such gratitude for the magical forces at play here and for the miraculous universe I Am.

...Being wild means being Self-Centered enough to find out what brings me most joy, cultivating my joy every day and then joyfully sharing my unique gifts with my world, knowing it is through my joy I Am most powerful and its is through my joy I am here to SERVE!  

...Being wild means I love myself deeply because I know I am completely special while at the same time knowing I am not special at all because we are ALL special and loving us all deeply from here. 
So what do you say?  Are you ready to be wild with me?  Are you ready to live more freely and richly and deliciously than you ever have before?  This is what awaits you and me from living and being wild.  It may stretch you beyond your caged-in, programmed comfort zone (trust me, I get it, WE ALL have these self-and-society-induced walls to move through and transform)... oh but the joyous, deeply satisfying journey awaiting you on the other side of that wall is more gratifying and beautiful than you can every imagine.   
As Howard Thurman so perfectly said; "Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 

I trust you'll join me!
Here's to a wildly, delicious life for us all!
Love to all!
Shirly Joy Weiss
Written by Shirly Joy Weiss
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    Jeanne Verger

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